about me

Odds are you've figured out my name is Dean, but that may be all you know about me.

I'm a landscape, travel and wildlife photographer based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a passion for the outdoors. I try to use photography to capture and share my experiences with nature. I love heading west to photograph the popular peaks of Rockies but also to put on my hiking boots and explore the many, lesser known mountains. In the summer, I keep a watchful eye on the weather and drive east to capture the expanse of the prairies as the skies come alive. All the while, I keep my long lens ready for any wildlife that may show itself long enough for a couple frames.

I aim to capture drama and invoke emotion with each of my images, as if the viewer was there at the time of capture. I enjoy creating minimalist images with large areas of negative space but also complicated compositions where the subject may not be immediately obvious at first glance.

I would love to hear from you. I can be reached through the contact me page or give me a follow on facebook, instagram or twitter. Also, be sure to check out my online store.