Don't Just Take the Obvious Shot (New Uploads)

Shooting mountain landscapes is my favorite thing to do. I love it. It's the best arriving at a viewpoint after sweating it out all day, knowing that you've worked for it. I find in these incredible areas, I have a tendency to quickly take the obvious shots and move on. It looks so good through the view finder that I'll snap a couple photos of the peaks, valley or maybe a nearby lake and carry on with the hike.

The problem with this, once all the photos are downloaded, you realize they're all very similar. Once you seen one, you've seen them all (especially if you're working your way up a peak). So still take that obvious shot, but then take a moment and see what else is there. Is there an alpine flower you could put in the foreground or even just focus on that? Can you play around with the reflection in that lake? See what your photo looks like if you take the horizon out of it. Experiment a bit, it's pretty easy to delete the ones that don't work out. At the very least, when people look through your album, they won't be bored by the the third photo.

Anyways, here are some of my latest uploads: