From Malaysia

I'm a little past half way through my time in Malaysia. For the most part, I've been hanging in and around Penang. I've made a small side trip to Northern Sumatra (Indonesia). So far I've eaten far too much food and probably drank too much beer. There's been hot/humid days and some of the heaviest downpours I've ever experienced. Cloudy overcast skies has been a bit of a pain for trying to capture sunset/sunrise shots, and don't even prevent me from getting nasty sunburns. 

Chinese new year celebrations here are in full swing. Fire crackers were going off through the night yesterday, and by the sounds of this evening, it looks to continue tonight. The Chinese temples are fully decorated with lanterns, which will remain up for the next month or so. I'm planning on capturing some night scenes with the lanterns all lit up. I'm also headed to the Cameron Highlands to experience the tea plantations and jungle at the highest elevation on mainland Malaysia. 

I'll keep updating this post with more shots, so if you're not on social media (hi Dad!) you can check back here. If you would like to follow me on any of the social media platforms, the little icons at the bottom of the page will lead you to my profile. 

Water buffalo graze on Samosir Island, Indonesia

Fisherman harvests clams at first light

Local fishermen - Lake Toba, Indonesia

The Penang Bridge - 13.5km bridge connects Penang island to mainland Malaysia

A dead tree stands out in the thick jungle on one of the hills overlooking Penang

Sun rises over Lake Toba, Indonesia

Busy traffic circle near the Berastagi city centre

Update - Here are a couple shots of the Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Goddess of Mercy - A 30m tall statue of Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) at the Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple

Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si all decked out in lights for Chinese New Year celebrations

Gongxi Gongxi! - Happy Chinese new year

One hundred 2m tall statues of Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) surround the 30m tall statue at Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang

Update - my trip has come to a close and I'll be returning to the wintery Calgary weather. Here's a couple more shots, mostly from around Penang but a couple from the island of Langkawi

A gorgeous sunset taken from a small boat off the coast of Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Walking out on the Tan Jetty, one of the Clan Jetties in Georgetown, during Chinese New Year

Fireworks set off from one of the jetties as Chinese New Year celebrations come to a close

Hindu devotees carry milk up the stairway to the Waterfall Hilltop Temple during Thaipusam celebrations

A Brahminy Kite swoops down to pick dinner off the water surface

A small boat rests in the mud during low tide along Tan Jetty